Thessaloniki to Tirana flight time

Your estimated flight duration from Thessaloniki Airport to Tirana Airport is:

49 minutes

Your Flight Route Details

From : Thessaloniki’s International Airport «Macedonia»

Address : EO Aerodromiou Thessalonikis, Thessaloniki 551 03, Greece

Tel : +30 231 098 5000

To : Tirana International Airport

Address : Ruga Nene Tereza, Rinas 1504, Albania

Tel : +355 4 238 1800

Distance : 291.21 Klm

Including estimated take off and landing time of 25 minutes

Thessaloniki Airport (SKG)

Thessaloniki International Airport, officially known as “Makedonia Airport”, serves as the main aviation hub for the Thessaloniki metropolitan area and Macedonia region. Located just 13 kilometers west of Thessaloniki city center, the airport has the distinction of being one of the closest major airports to a capital city in all of Europe.

Originally constructed in the 1930s and known as Mikra Airport, Thessaloniki Airport has seen steady growth over the decades to become the third busiest airport in Greece in terms of passenger traffic. In 2015, German-based Fraport Greece was awarded the concession rights to operate and modernize facilities at the airport. Since then, Fraport has undertaken a comprehensive refurbishment and expansion program to bring the airport’s infrastructure and amenities into the 21st century.

Now renamed Thessaloniki International Airport and designated by the IATA airport code SKG, the airport features a modern passenger terminal building with up-to-date check-in, security, and gate facilities. Despite its relatively compact size compared to other Greek and European airports, SKG’s terminal is designed to feel spacious and stress-free for travelers. State-of-the-art baggage handling, retail and dining options, and digital wayfinding tools also contribute to an improved customer experience.

As a result of Fraport’s ongoing investments, Thessaloniki International Airport now welcomes nearly 6 million passengers annually on domestic and international flights. This cements its status as a major transportation hub not just for Thessaloniki but for all of Macedonia and Northern Greece. Looking ahead, further planned upgrades will support continued growth and ensure the airport remains a driver of the regional economy.

Transportation Options from Thessaloniki International Airport

While direct transit options from Thessaloniki International Airport, also known as Makedonia Airport (SKG), to Thessaloniki city center are somewhat limited, the airport’s close proximity to the city helps facilitate efficient travel. Passengers generally have four main options for transportation:

Airport Taxi
Thessaloniki airport taxi are a convenient door-to-door option for traveling between the airport and destinations within the city. Rates are standardized but can vary slightly depending on demand and luggage accommodations.

Public Bus Service
Low-cost public busses provide regular service connecting the airport grounds directly to stops in downtown Thessaloniki. However, schedules may be less frequent compared to other transportation modes.

Private Airport Transfer
For a more premium experience, several private transfer companies operate a fleet of vehicles at the airport available for pre-booked or on-demand shared rides into the city. This offers a more personalized alternative to taxis or public transit.

Rental Car
Renting a car is well-suited for those wishing to explore Thessaloniki and surrounding areas independently during their stay. Vehicles can be procured directly from the airport to maximize flexibility and convenience during longer visits.

Overall, while direct transit options are limited from SKG airport due to its suburban location, convenient ground transportation is consistently available to efficiently shuttle travelers into Thessaloniki city center and throughout the region. Both public and private transportation providers adequately serve airport connections.

Tirana Airport

Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza, officially known as the Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa, serves as the primary air transportation hub for both domestic and international travel in Albania. Situated approximately 11 kilometers northwest of Tirana, the airport is named after Mother Teresa, the renowned Albanian Catholic nun and missionary. It provides connectivity to major destinations across Europe through scheduled flights operated by the country’s flag carrier Air Albania as well as other airlines like Wizz Air and Albawings.

As the largest and busiest airport in Albania, Tirana International Airport accommodates millions of passengers annually, with a record tally of over 7.2 million reached in 2023. It offers regular passenger services to key regional hubs and supports the aviation needs of the capital city along with the surrounding Tirana County region. Albania’s secondary commercial airport is located farther north in the city of Kukës, helping to further improve aerial connectivity for the nation.

For travelers arriving at or departing from Tirana International Airport, there are several transportation options available to reach the city center. One of the most affordable methods is utilizing the public bus service, which costs approximately 2.45 euros for a one-way ticket. Tirana airport Taxi are also prevalent, with average fares in the range of 20-25 euros to get into central Tirana. Ride-hailing applications like Uber provide another convenient alternative, charging between 9.80-18 euros depending on demand factors. For those seeking flexibility during their stay, car rentals starting from 20 euros per day allow independent access around the capital area.

The best choice will depend on individual needs such as arrival/departure times, budget constraints, and amount of luggage. While busses are cost-efficient during daytime hours, taxis or ride-shares may prove preferable late at night or with large amounts of baggage. Overall, reliable transportation is readily available to smoothly connect travelers between Tirana International Airport and their final city center destinations.